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The Absolute Best Bahamas Beach Reviews
by Ester Napoli

Dreaming of that long awaited vacation in the beautiful Bahamas but not quite sure where to go? The many fabulous beaches in the Bahamas are unique, except for two things: they share common: breath-taking views and warm tropical breezes. Check out the following Bahamas beach reviews for some of the best and most popular beaches where tourists worldwide flock to for a little peace and/or just plain fun.

Bahamas Beach Reviews

Bahamas BeachCabbage Beach: If you are looking for that party vacation in the sun, Cabbage Beach is the place for you! Located on the northern side of Paradise Island, it is 3 km long. Its powder-white sand and turquoise water attract sunbathers who stretch out for some quiet time after last evening’s wining and dining. The Casinos at Cabbage Beach draw many tourists each year, but so do the various water sports such as water skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Tourists interested in the historical aspect of the island can visit the world-famous statues in the nearby Versailles Gardens, some of which date as far back as the 12th-Century. Although Cabbage Beach tends to attract large crowds, a little stretch of shoreline at the northwestern end called Paradise Beach is much quieter. This beautiful part of the coast is lined with palms, sea grapes, and casuarinas.

Cable Beach: World-renowned for its crystal clear water and spectacular white sand, Cable Beach on New Providence Island attracts a myriad of tourists each year. The beach was unnamed until 1907; when it became the chosen point for the Trans-Atlantic cable that would connect Bahamas to mainland America. The beach boasts 6.5 km of natural beauty, and promises a delightful escape from the usual. Several exciting water activities are available, as well as delicious fare offered in the many restaurants. Bars, casinos, and shops are close by.

Stocking Island: In the Exumas, just off Elizabeth Harbour, lie the breathtaking and peaceful white beaches of Stocking Island, which can be easily reached by boat. The beach facing Elizabeth Harbour has calm waters and activities including volleyball, the Chat ‘N’ Chill restaurant and a counter to buy fresh conch salad. Over the hill and across a shallow pool of water lies a beautiful wide beach with open waters. The beach is framed by sandy hills providing privacy and is usually deserted anyway. It is a big contrast to the calm shallow waters of Elizabth harbour. Snorkelers and divers are lured to the island’s spectacular natural coral gardens, undersea caves and famous “blue holes.” Nature’s enthusiasts can relish the vast array of wildlife that abounds in the Exumas - watch plover birds, lizards, land crabs, and meet the rare Bahamian Hutia.

Cat Island's Beach: A pristine white sandy beach lined with coconut palms, casuarinas trees and palmettos - need I say more? Secluded and tranquil, it caters to sunbathers, cat-nappers, book lovers, and peace-seekers. Located near Old Bight, the beach provides no facilities, so you should bring everything you might need with you. What it does provide though is a memorable, tropical escape not easily found anywhere else in the Carribean.

Whether you are planning your first trip to the Bahamas, or you have already been there, and been so captivated by the island’s powder-white beaches, beautiful landscapes, and enticing crystal waters that you are planning a return visit, have no doubt that you will always cherish the unforgettable experience of The Bahamas beaches.


About the author:
Ester Napoli: They say if you want to be happy, you have to do something you are passionate about. One of my passions is traveling and the one place I fell in love with was the Bahamas; the white sand, clear waters, friendly environment. It is paradise on earth. I enjoy all aspects of the Bahamas; the culture, the history, the countless sports and activities to keep you busy, and of course, the fabulous weather. Website: Glorious Bahamas Real Estate (


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