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Bahamas Government

Government Structure

The Bahamas is a parliamentary democracy. It has a bicameral legislature consisting of a 49-seat House of Assembly, and a 16-seat Senate. The prime minister is the head of government, although the Bahamas being a part of the Commonwealth, it is the Queen, represented by an appointed governor-general, who is the titular head of state.

The nation is divided into 21 administrative districts.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, One Step Forward
Even though the Bahamas officially became a sovereign state within the British Commonwealth in 1973, the fledgling nation experienced growing pains.

Former Prime Minister, Lynden O. Pindling, who spearheaded the independence movement and spurred the development of international banking and investment management as major industries on the islands, was accused of corruption and of dealing with drug traffickers. These allegations and a flagging economy were enough to unseat Pindling, who had served as prime minister for 25 years (1967-92).

Disaffected members of Pindling's Progressive Liberal party (PLP) who had joined forces with members of the United Bahamian party (UBP), formed the Free National Movement (FNM). In August 1992, under the leadership of Hubert Ingraham, the FNM came to power.

Of necessity, the Ingraham administration's main focus on taking power was economic development and job creation. In a departure from his predecessor's xenophobic policies, Ingraham aimed to improve the Bahamas' image and make it an attractive place for foreigners to invest. The Bahamas real estate sector was one area the new government was especially keen on exploiting, offering incentives and creating new legislation to encourage property investments by foreigners.

On May 03, 2002, Perry Gladstone Christie became the third Prime Minister of the Bahamas, and the PLP, defeating the FMN, reclaimed their position as the majority party.


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