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Picturesque Tranquility in Acklins Island

Acklins Island lies just south of Crooked Island [link to Crooked Island] in The Bahamas. This lesser-known island covers 311 sq. km (121 sq. miles) and is home to a tiny population of 428 inhabitants who mainly fish and farm. This untouched paradise welcomes visitors who want tranquility in a place frozen in time. Acklins Island and Crooked Island have officially been separate districts since 1999, but are often mentioned together because of their proximity to one another. The two islands are linked by ferry.

Acklins IslandA Visitor’s Paradise
Beautiful Acklins Island is hilly and features many unusual rock formations. Its coastline boasts white-sand beaches and is dotted with a number of tiny, colorful villages. The island has many interesting activities for all visitors. Bone fishing, deep-sea fishing, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling appeal to the adventurous traveler; for those who prefer to relax, the island offers swimming in crystal clear waters and sunbathing. If pleasure is what you seek, you will find it on Acklins Island.

No Shortage of Towns
The largest settlement on Acklins Island is Salina Point with a population of 129; the capital is Snug Corner. The island has several other towns, all of which have tiny populations and unique names: Rocky Point, Binnacle Hill, Delectable Bay, Golden Grove, Goodwill, Hard Hill, and Lovely Bay.

Original Attractions

  • Snug Corner features numerous church steeples and dance halls, a testament to the townspeople's creative ability to merge both faith and amusement.
  • Delectable Bay is a town with just a few houses and unspoiled beauty. The interpretation of its name is left to the imagination.
  • Offshore Islets and Castle Island, located off the southwestern tip of Acklins Island, has a conspicuous 1867 lighthouse once used as a retreat by pirates who attacked ships in the nearby Crooked Island Passage. Today, the Crooked Island Passage Light, built in 1876, guides ships to a safe voyage through the passage.
  • The Bight of Acklins is a safe cruising ground for shallow-draft vessels. This bay was once used by Christopher Columbus, and was also the hunting ground for many pirates. It is as untouched now as it was then.

A piece of Paradise
Acklins Island is so quiet that you can hear the tropical breezes blow. It is the perfect destination for your next vacation, an idyllic paradise of peace and beauty.


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