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Peace and Splendor in the Berry Islands

Welcome to a place where vacations should never end. The Berry Islands are composed of a cluster of islands and cays. As legend has it, its name originates from the abundance of thatch berry trees found in this part of the world. Also known as the Berries, the largely uninhabited Berry Islands offer great diving, snorkeling and sport fishing, as well as miles of unspoiled, private beaches. With a land mass totaling about a dozen square miles, and a population of approximately 730 inhabitants, it is no wonder that this peaceful paradise tops the list of those seeking quietude and beautiful vistas.

Popular Cays

  • Berry IslandLittle Whale Cay was once the home of a rich Englishman who developed a bird sanctuary still evident today. Now a private resort, the entire cay is marketed as a package, ideal for weddings, bird watching and corporate group conferences.
  • Bullocks Harbour, the largest settlement in the Berries, is a sleepy village located on Bamboo Cay.
  • Little Stirrup Cay has been transformed by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines into a wonderful one-day stopover so that its passengers can explore the Berry Islands.
  • Great Harbour Cay was once a major golf resort where the rich and famous came to play. Today, as a nine-hole golf course, it remains one of the most beautiful in The Bahamas.


  • Mamma Rhoda Rock
    Although only 16 feet high, this spiky, shallow coral reef provides an exciting adventure for divers. Crawfish and moray eels live together in the numerous rocky dens of the reef.
  • Sand Dollar Hill
    This sandy shoal offers many rewards to the shell-picker who is searching for memorable souvenirs.
  • Sugar Beach Caves
    Considered by many as the prettiest place in The Bahamas, Sugar Beach and its numerous sandy coves among cliffs has the attributes of a Mediterranean beach. A variety of interesting shells can be found and, for the more adventurous, many species of wild life can be discovered in the creeks.

The emerald and turquoise waters of the Berry Islands provide mile after mile of pink or white sand beaches for travelers to enjoy, a place where one can experience true seclusion, picturesque scenery and friendly people.


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