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Cat Island

Cat Island is the 6th largest island of the Bahamas, spanning approximately 48 miles long and from 1 to 4 miles wide. It is located near the Tropic of Cancer between Eleuthera and Long Island. Boasting one of the best tropical climates in all of the Bahamas, the island’s temperature ranges from the high 60’s during the winter and the mid-80’s during the summer.

FishingCat Island is one of the least visited spots of the Bahamas; consequently, it gives you the notion of being an “undiscovered” territory. Mount Alvernia, rising approximately 206 feet, is the highest point on the islands of the Bahama. At the top of the limestone cliffs rests a small, medieval monastery built by Father Jerome, a hermit well-known for building cathedrals and convents throughout the islands.

What’s in a Name?
How did the island come to be known as? One theory about how the island came to be known as Cat Island is due to the extraordinary number of cats that the English found on the island when they arrived in the 1600’s. It is said that the cats were the descendants of their tamer cousins who were left behind by the Spanish in their rush for the elusive gold. Another theory assumes that it was named after the pirate Arthur Catt who had supposedly buried treasure on the island. It is believed that the island was discovered by Columbus and originally called San Salvador but was later renamed by Parliament after Catt.

Things to do:
The island’s many beautiful beaches offer a multitude of water sports for visitors and residents alike. Lessons in diving, boating, swimming, fishing or snorkeling are easily available. If water sports don’t appeal to you, then you can enjoy the endless miles of spectacular nature trails.

Cat Island promises a peaceful, wonderful getaway from the everyday rigors of life.

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