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Crooked Island: Undiscovered Paradise

Named after its shape, Crooked Island lies about 240 miles southeast of Nassau in The Bahamas. It is known for its natural beauty, many quaint villages and tiny size – 181 sq. km (71 sq. miles). This quiet, remote paradise will enchant you with its unique charm and unspoiled white-sand beaches. Before officially becoming separate districts in 1999, Crooked Island and Acklins Island [link to Acklins Island] were usually referred to as one due to their similar history and close proximity to one another. They are connected by ferry and are enclosed by the shallow Bight of Acklins lagoon.

Crooked IslandA Natural Beauty
The island’s cliffs are abundant with bird life, a bird lover’s wildest dream. The various species of birds thrive off the surrounding reefs located along the coastline. Crooked Island’s coral gardens and shelves are teaming with tropical fish, a diver’s paradise. If fishing is your sport, the deep creeks, tidal flats and pools are home to game fish that offer an exciting adventure. And if you simply want to relax, you will not be disappointed. The breathtaking, untouched, white sand beaches of Crooked Island stretch for miles on end.

A Profound Past
As legend has it, when Christopher Columbus landed on the island, the deliciously sweet scent of native herbs and flowers inspired him to call it "one of the fragrant islands". Although it was given several different names over time, the one that remained was “Crooked Island” as it was the most descriptive. Pitt’s Town, on the northern point, is believed to have been the site of the first post office in The Bahamas. Also located on its northern end is the Marine Farms Fortress which was once an important British fortification.

A Majestic Capital
Colonel Hill, the capital, has a relatively small population of 360 permanent residents. It is the center for most of the island's activity. The town is the highest point on the island and boasts spectacular panoramic views.


  • The quaint towns of Cripple Hill, True Blue, French Wells and Gun Point
  • Classified as a ghost town, Albert Town is the only village on nearby Fortune Island (also known as Long Cay). During more prosperous times, it served as the gateway for cargo ships sailing between Europe and the Americas
  • Built in 1872, The Bird Rock Lighthouse stands at 112 feet, overlooking the northern entrance of the Crooked Island Passage
  • The Crooked Island caves are comprised of dark passageways and chambers that are dotted with rays of sunlight shining through holes in the ceiling

Whether you are lured by Crooked Island’s interesting history, its unspoiled beauty, or its friendly people, you will undoubtedly be seduced by its relaxed atmosphere. Once you discover and explore this Bahamian paradise, you may never want to leave.


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