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Exuma Island

The Exuma Islands are made up of 365 cays and islands which spread out over 120 miles. There are two main islands, Great Exuma and Little Exuma situated on the southern tip. The islands play a big role in the province’s tourism and commerce industries.

Bahamas RegattaThere are two major settlements in Little Exuma: Forbes Hill and Williams Town. Forbes Hill is a small farming town named after the Forbes family who settled there. Williams Town is a bigger settlement with approximately 300 people. It has two churches, one of which is named St. Mary Magdalene and has depictions of The National Family Regatta on its stained-glass windows.

There are three settlements on the island of Great Exuma. First, Georgetown, which is not only the capital but also the second largest settlement with 330 people, is home to the national Family Island Regatta. Second, during Lord Rolle’s time, Rolleville was the largest slave settlement on the island and the site of numerous slave uprisings during the 1820’s and 1830’s. Finally, Rolle Town, another slave settlement under Lord Rolle, has spectacular views overlooking Harbor side which leads into Georgetown.

Legends Abound
One legend that has spawned several other stories refers to the Three Sisters Rock. One story says that three sisters fell in love with the same man without knowing it. Eventually they found this out and agreed to drown him. Unfortunately for them, they accidentally died with him. After their deaths, supposedly, three rocks sprung from the sea to mark the spot of their self-sacrificing act of love. These historic rock landmarks are located in Mt. Thompson, Great Exuma.

The Hermitage and the Rolle Town Tombs are historic sites on the islands. The Hermitage is a reminder of the days of cotton plantations and the tombs are the final resting place of Ann Kay, Alexander Kay and their infant son. The Salt Beacon, another landmark in Little Exuma, was originally built to guide the ships involved in the salt trade. It stands 30 feet tall.

The nightlife in Exuma is very exciting and has something for everyone. You can choose from among many such establishments as: Club La Shante, Dames’ Bar & Lounge, Marylee Chinese Food, Silver Dollar Restaurant, Three Sisters, and Two Turtles Inn.


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