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New Providence Island: Something for Everyone

New Providence Island has long been a favourite vacation spot for the trendy individual. Often called Nassau by mistake (Nassau is the nation’s capital) it has, for many years before commercial air travel began; housed the more affluent people of Europe. Though it is a small island, it is home to more than two thirds of the Bahamian population. Millions of dollars have been invested in the upkeep of the beaches in Nassau and Cable Beach.

New Providence IslandWhen you’re hot, you’re hot
A long-time major attraction in the Bahamas; New Providence Island harbours as many as ten vacation cruise ships and entertains more than three million jet setters each year. With all vacationers’ expectations in mind, the island offers tranquility to those seeking a quiet island getaway, and wild fun to those seeking a party where they can let their hair down.

New Providence Island water sports
The beautiful serene beaches with crystal clear water that surround the island boast some of the world’s best fishing, snorkelling and diving. Experience the thrill of catching a big one! Or, pretend you’re a marine biologist and visit some of the island’s underwater attractions such as the wreck of the Tears of Allah. You will be fascinated. As one of the many shipwrecks located off the coast, near Nassau, it also served as a prop in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again.

Marching to a different beat
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? There are no sleigh bells here. On New Providence Island, you can enjoy a Christmas of a different flavour. As the holidays approach, the island becomes a whirlwind of various activity and music that embraces a melange of styles. Islanders prepare themselves for the end of the year celebration called Junkanoo. Similar to Carnival, partygoers are able to don costumes and partake in numerous parades through the streets.

New Providence Island night life
Casinos, Las Vegas style revues, comedians, and magic shows are just a few of the attractions to keep you busy while on New Providence Island. For those looking to dance up a storm, the island is host of numerous discos and clubs that are sure to satisfy anyone’s Saturday night fever. However, night life is not entirely reserved for those looking to party it up. Moonlight cruises, long evening walks on the beach, and quaint sea-side restaurants are perfect ways to romance that special someone in your life.


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