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Bahamas Real Estate Development

It is no secret that the Bahamas is fast becoming one of the most promising real estate developments of the past few years. Do you wonder why? As a breathtaking paradise with romantic sunsets, endless beaches, and divine food, it lures millions of vacationers every year. The islands are an exotic blend of African and European cultures, influenced by American trends. Located only 50 miles off of the Florida coast, they offer immaculate white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, interesting flora and fauna and great investment potential.

Bahamas Real Estate Development: Tropical Caribbean ResortTourism
In recent years, the Bahamas has experienced a major increase in tourism. It has become a favourite stop for cruise ships, and a great number of tourists are returning visitors who were previously captivated by the beauty of the Caribbean Bahamas. With a rise in tourism, it is not surprising that an increase in Bahamas luxury real estate development has also occurred.

Rise in Bahamas Property Investments
Investors from all over the world are leaning towards the Bahamas for property investments, and the Bahamian government has never made it easier!

  • With the new International Persons Landholding Act, approval is granted to non-Bahamians to purchase residential property of less than 5 acres on any single island in the country, with the stipulation that the property must not exceed 50% of the land area of a cay.
  • A two-year property tax exemption exists for foreigners buying land for developmental purposes, providing construction commences within two years from the date of purchase.

Hotel and Resort Development
The Bahamas present an outstanding opportunity for hotel and resort development. As one of the wealthiest in the Caribbean, it has very strong ties with its close neighbour the United States, and the potential for financial growth and security is immeasurable, as are the investment opportunities.

When investigating your investment options, it is definitely worth your time and effort to look towards the boom of the Bahamas real estate development; it will invite you into the endless beauty and opportunity that defines it.


A Guide to Bahamas Real Estate
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